Welcome to the wonderful world of Dog-Sama
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Who is Dog-Sama?

Not to be confused with DogSamaDoodles, an animator more famous than me, or dogsama, the Chinese BilliBilli creator also more famous than me. Now that you know who I'm not, you can now know ME as Dog-Sama, the aspiring game developer.

Flipnote Goofy Enjoy your stay!Flipnote Dog-Sama

The name Dog-Sama originates from an old Flip-Note I made back in highschool in the back of band class featuring a terribly drawn Goofy head obliterating Donald Duck. Episode 2 needed a proper foil to Goofy's murderous intents, so the hero "Dog-Sama" was born out of a lack of ideas, an incredibly stiff poodle with unimaginable combat prowess. About a year later I started using it as my online username, because it's ridiculous and I find it funny.

More about me!

I am a programmer currently working on 2 projects, Isles of Aether and Rascal Rumble EX. The former is an action game being built in Unreal 5 similar to Jedi: Fallen Order, I am acting as the Audio Lead for this project in a team of about 17. The latter is an independant project being developed in Godot 4 and is intended to be a cross between the Chao Garden from Sonic Adventure and the City Trial mode from Kirby Air Ride. Both a demo of Isles of Aether and a legacy build of Rascal Rumble can be found on itch.io.

Gameplay of Rascal Rumble wallrunning

If you're feeling up to it, you can try out my personal projects here at my itch.io page, it has a few games made by me, as well as some stuff I worked on with friends!

Gameplay of Rascal Rumble racing

Curious about my music taste?

Click here to check out my Spotify profile, or for just a quick peek, here's a playlist I made!

And here are some of my other personal favorites :)

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This is Barry Barry the wobble take good care of him while you visit!

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What the Dog-Sama Doin'?

6:15 PM 4/12/2024 - The tanks came treading through campus today. Dog-Sama stood proud as their shoddy, scrapped together tank made of tape and a dream claimed 5th place in their round for the battle royale.

9:20 PM 4/1/2024 - Game jam presentations were trash, check out my trash here.

8:43 PM 3/19/2024 - Nvidia has forsaken us, as the graphics driver updates have caused the loss of 534,811 eggs... they will be missed, but we have to rebuild.

4:37 AM 3/10/2024 - Dog-Sama has declared that the solo Helldivers II experience is bullshit, Democracy takes teamwork.

12:22 PM 3/7/2024 - Dog-Sama is now beyond sleep. They have transcended beyond the need such a trivial affair now that their literature project has kept them up all night for 3 nights in a row; tired is not a feeling they can experience anymore.

2:57 AM 3/4/2024 - Dog-Sama went to Australia for spring break and is very tired from their 12 & 6 hour layovers. Dog-Sama will now enter hibernation until restoration is complete.

12:55 PM 2/23/2024 - Dog-Sama wants nothing more than to get back to Splatoon 3 Side Order, but life had other plans.

8:48 PM 2/16/2024 - Dog-Sama has begun reinstalling their entire life onto their laptop after needing a new hard drive.

3:32 PM 2/7/2024 - Dark Dog-Sama is taking their official union sanctioned break, so for the time being Dog-Sama is back!

3:56 PM 2/5/2024 - After tripping on a step, Dog-Sama has decided that moment transitioned us into the dark timeline, and would like to be referred to by Dark Dog-Sama until further notice to adapt to the new evil landscape they find themselves in...
visual representation of Dog-Samas evil heart

5:03 PM 1/28/2024 - Dog-Sama contemplates many life choices after finally managing to train the monkey. Check it out here.

12:03 PM 1/27/2024 - For Global Game Jam 2024, Dog-Sama and their group gave a monkey a gun.

11:10 PM 1/21/2024 - Dog-Sama has logged 35 hours of Palworld in 3 days.

12:23 PM 1/18/2024 - Dog-Sama is uncomfortable waiting for class to start because they got their sleeve wet while getting ready that morning.

5:25 PM 1/17/2024 - Dog-Sama is eating dining hall meatloaf and playing (the) gnorp apologue.